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Swimming Aids for a 3 Year Old

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    Thnx for the suggestions Loupou - we too play in the water a lot with our daughter - in fact as we have recently just arrived to HK we are enjoying the ease of going to the pool on a daily basis. Oue daughter has yet to actually go completely under but she is a keen observer of her new pals and I think the "peer pressure" will eventually ease her into it (infact that is what got her "swimming" without clinging to me). My goal is to keep the enjoyment level high while balancing it with some respect for the water - as well as the others in and around the pool. I find it is great time for the 2 of us to play together as well as get some good exercise too.

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    My 4 year old can swim and take breaths and has not had formal lessons.

    We started him on 2 noddles under his arms at about 18-24 months. They are quite long and create a big "u" as he free floated/paddled around.

    We consciously avoided fixed aids (vests, armbands, etc) as they create artificial assistance and don't teach any confidence, control or comfort.

    You can be wild with those on and basically learn bad habits.

    We gradually moved from two noodles to one, and then to a kickboard.

    If you want to have drinks and lounge in the pool, then I can't help you... with the noodles you have to be in the water and watching them at all times.

    He learned quickly to control himself and not be flip flopping about... he also learned self control and conifdence allowing him to be free swimming now.


    oh, if you've ever had a child clinging to you for dear life in the pool you'll know what i mean... when we were in the pool and he is free-floating on the noodle we were the envy of all the those other parents in the pool. He's wasn't breaking my back, and he was tooling around on his own while we followed.

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