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Advices for Pokfulam residences

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    Advices for Pokfulam residences

    I and my husband are about to choose our apartment in Pokfulam area. We have two young kids (2 & 4) and my husband will work near Wanchai.
    I had a look at the real estate website and I would appreciate advices or experiences from you before visiting the flats.
    3 of them seem to be good value for money: Bel-air, Belcher's & Baguio Villa.
    For my own confort I would appreciate a balcony but I am wondering if it is a good choice because of the kids...
    Baguio Villa has wide and cheap apartment, even with sea view. Do you know what is the trap?
    I've also heard that the swimming-pool is not convenient and that you have to pay to enter (Baguio one).
    My budget is quite low (45k$ inclusive would be great for a 3 or 4 bedrooms)... Would you have any recommandations/advices in order not to make a mistake?
    Thank you very much by advance!

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    We live in Baguio and there isn't a trap. It's much older than the other 2 complexes you are looking at. I think it's 30 years old. The flat efficiency is 90%. The bedrooms are spacious and are a nice square shape. Each flat has a carpark. Whereas at Belcher's there's like a 5 year waitlist or something. Yes, you have to pay $20/person to use the pool. Kids normally don't pay. The Upper Baguio pool is under utilized and on weekdays there's hardly 3-4 other people swimming. For $45K you should be able to get one of the bigger flats. The downside, we don't have an indoor playroom or gym.

    Bel-Air is beautiful and the facilities are amazing. As the efficiency is a lot less than Baguio, the same size flat at Bel-Air is much smaller.

    The Belcher's is the closest to town. Great facilities again and it has a shopping mall attached.

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