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Any non-traditional chinese schools?

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    schoolproblems is offline Registered User
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    Ho Man Tin

    Any non-traditional chinese schools?

    My son attends a local chinese primary school and has very good cantonese. He is the only caucasian kid in the entire school, but so far he has managed quite well. At first, we were excited about his school, (Kei to primary school), because they said they emphasized creative learning etc. This, however, is not the case. His school is very rigid and traditional. I really want to find a school that teaches in chinese, but with a non-traditional curriculum.

    I just had a meeting at the school yesterday to talk about some issues and was shocked at the way the head of discipline treated my son. We were there because he had seen some older boys fondling each other in the toilet, and some kids had said really rude/explicit things. The school wanted to talk to him about it and I asked to be present. Well, once the head of discipline came in, he barked/shouted at my son and told him to stand at the end of the table while they asked him questions. He then proceeded to use a very harsh and scolding tone. I was shocked that they were treating him like he was a criminal. My son was visibly shaken and frightened, so I disregarded the man's orders and just had him sit on my lap the whole time.

    I am desperate to find a school that will allow my son to learn in chinese, but not crush my child's spirit. Please help.

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    spockey is offline Registered User
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    There are some good non-traditional Chinese schools. The one I know of is in Kowloon Tong. It's the Kowloon Tong Government Primary School. Ask around. Speak to the NET (if you can) in those schools that you wish to investigate as a third party observer of the ongoings in the school.

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    mother of 2 is offline Registered User
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    Heng Fa Chuen, HK

    School Problem,

    How horrible for you and your son. I am also wanting to find non traditional chinese schools. Would be grateful if you could share your findings. My son is in K2 at the moment, so my search is on too.

    Schools that have been suggested to me include:

    GT (Ellen Yeung) College, Tseung Kwan O
    St. Paul's Co-Ed, Mid Levels
    St. Stephens, Stanley
    HKUGA, Chai Wan
    Logos Academy, Tseung Kwan O

    I did post a thread asking for feedback on HKUGA and Logos Academy but have had little response.

    Good luck!

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Logos Academy

    Logos is a Christian-based school that offers an IB curriculum.

    We applied for admission for our youngest 3years ago and he was rejected.

    One of my colleagues' kid was accepted and is very happy there.

    GT School

    We applied for both our kids at the right age and both were put on the waiting list - very low on the waiting list, such that the school advised us to make other plans for our kids.

    However, one of my neighbors (HK Chinese) switched her eldest out of another more traditional school into GT and the younger ones followed and they are very happy there.

    If you have lots of $$$$...
    Yew Cheung starts out mostly Chinese instruction (from what I understand) and then moves the instruction into more and more English.

    One of my colleagues (HK Chinese) sent her eldest there and he was very happy & then went on to university in the USA at a very good state school in the USA.

    Yew Cheung

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    angelmhhui is offline Registered User
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    Hi School Problem,

    You can also try below schools:

    1. Evangel College in Tseung Kwan O
    -It is a new Christian school.
    2. Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School in Sham Shui Po. (Non-traditional school with IB) Very good comment from the current parent.
    3. St. Margaret's Local English School in Lai Chi Kok.
    -It is a English primary school. More native english speaker teachers.
    4. Creative Primary School in Kowloon Tong
    - Small class with caring headmaster & teacher.

    I also look for primary school with caring teacher and small class size for my daughter. My choice will be PLK CKY & Creative Primary School.

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    beibie is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    You can also try this school as well.

    As far as I know, there are children from Japan, South Africa and America, the rest of them are mostly Chinese. Chinese and Maths are taught in PuTongHua, English is mainly taught by native English speaker. They claim that their curriculum is of international style. Maybe you can try to investigate more.

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2006
    Chai Wan

    hi, i know this thread was some time ago. but i was wondering if anyone knew of other primary schools who are more "open", yet still teach putonghua, cantonese and english? some of the schools listed above sound great (esp. pui kiu college) but are far from home (we are on the east side of hk island). any info will be great. thanx!!

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    pui kiu sounds interesting... too bad they didn't have one of their many english tutors proof-read/edit their website!

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