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Parents beware of their maid

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    stilli is offline Registered User
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    Missing children

    ELT - I could be wrong but I assume you might be referring to the "Missing Maddie" story. My heart breaks for her parents, her siblings and for dear Maddie. I will be honest and say that on more than one occaisson we did the same thing as Maddie's parents. And in our opinion it was not as black and white as leaving our child alone in a big hotel when we went out for the night. It was when staying in a B&B or bungalow cluster when the restaurant was in eye's view of our room/bungalow. It was in close enough range to use the baby monitor and we would check on our daughter while she slept and we had a quick dinner. And as Maddie's parents stated they were in the same proximity as if they were in a big house eating on the balcony or terrace.
    This poor family must be living every parents worst nightmare. And although it is easy to place blame - and everyone is entitled to their opinion - in this situation I do not place blame on the parents - I just ache for them and pray that Maddie is alive and being treated ok. Unfortunately, with every passing day that hope must be hard to hold on to.

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    mum of 2 is offline Registered User
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    I know lots of parents who stay in so-called family friendly hotels and use 'baby listening services'. Really no different to what the McCanns did (at least they were checking themselves rather than relying on a telephone to babysit). Cannot imagine that they will ever forgive themselves (or that hotels will still offer these services).

    I also know one mother who left her baby behind in the supermarket (luckily on the counter, so at least the check-out clerk looked after him) and did not realise until she got home and unpacked the car in record time. The same woman locked her son into the house, with the house keys and had to get the fire brigade to get him out.

    So it's not just DHs...........maybe I need some more responsible friends!

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    slamdunk is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006

    Find this taxi story a little bit hard to believe. Is this in the news? One person absent mindedly leaving a baby in the back of a taxi is one thing but two people? And if they managed to carry one toddler out - surely that's enough reminder that there's another little one somewhere? And that the taxi driver didn't notice a baby in the back until he had actually driven away - enough time for the helpers to disappear into the building? Bit unlikely too.

    Unfortunately it smells of another sensationalist story about wicked or useless, untrustworthy DHs in Hong Kong.

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    luvourbb is offline Registered User
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    this story was told to me by the taxi driver himself on tuesday, 29 May 2007 in the evening.

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    superMaMa is offline Registered User
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    Pat Heung(N.T.)

    I would never leave my kid in a hotel room, even not in a foreign country.

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    HappyV is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    Apparently we trust the word of taxi drivers over that of Domestic Helpers.

    If this had happened, it would have ended up in the press. I don;t believe it for a minute.

    As for Maddy - no parent is perfect. They made what sounds like a considered opinion, (even if it's not something you would do, yourself). The person at fault is the person who took the child.

    God bless Maddy - wherever she is.

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    lantau35 is offline Registered User
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    I had a question about that post HappyV - just out of interest, not a judgemental one.

    If you left your 3 year old and two (even younger) twins in the care of your DH for the evening and you found out she went to a Tapas bar nearby with friends instead of staying with them, what would your view be? What if, like Madeline's parents, she couldn't even see the apartment building where your children were now totally alone -would you mind?

    Would it have made a difference if the DH said she went back to check on them every 45 minutes (even though the waiters at the Tapas bar denied this)?

    We know how highly you rate your DH (and almost everyone else's DH it would seem). Would you find that OK and merely say that the DH made "a considered judgement"? Is that what you'd tell the police when they (rightly) came to investigate this helper leaving your very young family totally alone so she could enjoy tapas?

    Would you be shocked that anyone took the view of the tapas waiters who saw your DH over the view of the DH? Or is it just taxi drivers who are more likely to make up a story than DH's?

    Am just very curious...

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    woodk6 is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    My heart breaks for the parents of poor Maddie and I hope they find her alive and well.

    That being said, in the US if you left your child alone like this you'd probably be in jail for child endangerment and who knows what else if the child was harmed. I would never ever leave my child completely unattended in a hotel room or anywhere for that matter. It's completely blows my mind that people think it's ok to do this.

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