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Travelling to Canada -- advice?

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    Travelling to Canada -- advice?


    We are taking our 9 mo old to Canada next week. It's a 13-hour trip to our first destination. Can I bring jars of baby food on the plane, or is that banned nowadays?

    Also, any advice on how to deal with jet lag for a baby? Will baby and I get out of sync in terms of b'feeding?

    Finally, any suggestions on how to keep baby occupied on a long flight?


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    I don't think baby food will be a problem, but not 100% sure. As far as jet lag goes, I would get up at your usual time, or shortly after, try not to sleep in too much, and then have the naps as you would, they may be longer, but don't let baby sleep so long that he can't go to bed at the usual time. It will be rough for a few days!

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    I took my son to canada a few months back. He was 5 - 6 mth old. On the plane, i automatically started putting him on Canada's time frame as much as i possibly could with feeding / sleeping schedule. As soon as you arrive, do your best to put him on that timeframe, we arrived sometime in the day and went out for a walk with him, he slept a little bit but was interested in looking around. Then that night he slept straight through.

    Coming back to HK once again, i tried to put him on HK timeframe straight away. it took about 9 days for him to get back to 100% sleeping through the night properly as he would wake every few hours. They say it takes 1 day for every hour of time difference for your body to recover.

    I just also travelled back from Aus now he is 8 mths old and i just had some toys for him, took him on walks up and down the plane which kept him happy. Not sure if you use a dummy but that can be good to give them for their ears.
    You can take baby food on board, that's no problem.

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