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Help does anyone know anything about BBT?

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    kelliefiler is offline Registered User
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    Help does anyone know anything about BBT?

    Hi all,
    My BBT has been up to around 37 degrees for the last five days. Is a normal temperature? I have been trying to do research on the net and have not found much. We are trying for no.2 and I never did all of this with our little girl so am a bit in the dark.
    Would love some advise as to weather this is a normal reading or possibly high?

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    Have you been checking since day one of your cycle? If so what is your normal temp? I am normally 37.

    this is a good site for some info:

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    Hi..all did all of this charting/temping thing to get preganant (I'm now 10 weeks). There is a great site which can help you with all this called Fertilityfriend
    Basically you need to take your temp every morning at the same time before you get out of bed. My temps at the start of every month are around 36.4 then after I ovulate my temps are about 36.8. When you get your period your temps fall again and the process starts all over. Or..if your pregnant the temp remains high!
    It's pretty easy once you know how to do the charting/temping so check out that website and best of luck!

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