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Passport photo for baby?

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    Passport photo for baby?

    Hi all... I didn't think to ask here before, but I need an answer soon... today. lol. We are taking our 10 week old to get her passport tomorrow and I need to find a place that will take photos of a baby. There is a shop in our shopping center close by that does passport photos, but I'm not sure they are equipped to do one for a baby. (will be going over to enquire this morning).

    So if any of you have experience and know a good place to go, please let me know! thanks!

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    Nevermind, found a link to another thread addressing this. I took some photos of my own and will take them over to the shop to see if they can crop/print them in the correct size for me. If that doesn't work, I will take her over to Pacific Place.

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    cha-cha is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    hong kong

    we had our baby's photos done at DigitalExpress on top of the old Central market. You can sit there holding your baby and the lady there will photoshop you out of the picture afterwards.

    even the embassy people said it was a great photo!

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    ELT is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006

    fotomax too!

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    carang's Avatar
    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    depends on what kind of passport. there are only a few places around equipped/know how to do the canadian passport/citizenship photos...

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    white umbrella is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    passport photos

    The Best place I found to get passport photos taken is at IFC2 on the second floor. There they know all passport photo sizes according to country etc. Efficient and fast and great with baby passport photos.


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    turtle is offline Registered User
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    May 2006

    Fotomax shops are good otherwise we went to the photo shop opposite the Wellcome on Robinson Rd. They were excellent and really patient.

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    Yuhikaru is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2017

    My baby is just a few days old but we need to get a passport for her urgently. Short of driving her out to IFC or other photo studios, is there any chance we can do our own photo taking at home, crop it to size? Will the passport center accept?

    Anyone has any DIY experience to share?


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