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Flying with Air France.....

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    Flying with Air France.....

    My wife and I have made the profound error of choosing to fly from Hong Kong with Air France.
    We have a son who will be 12 months old by the time we reach CDG. We have just discovered that Air France will not allow us to arrive at the plane with our stroller and get it as we leave the plane in CDG for a 4 hour wait until our connection. This means we have a 10 hour flight with the little fella trying to sleep and keep him entertained (not that that is AF's fault of course!) and once we get to CDG we will have to carry him until we get our 2 hour flight to where my parents will be waiting with fresher, albeit older, arms!
    When we flew Emirates last year we were given the option of collecting our stroller or taking advantage of the 100's which Emirates has at each gate for the sole use of weary parents. We have flown a few times with him and each time we have been given the stroller very soon after landing.
    My query is this- what are the facilities like in CDG for a baby to be able to crawl around and for parents to be able to get a bit of rest?!
    Also, does anyone think that this is a bit of a piss-take by Air France or am I acting spoiled?

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    I'm sure someone else can answer this in more detail but I have to say that I was at CDG for several hours not long ago and was unimpressed with the facilities generally.

    As you're flying Air France they will dock the plane at the new teminal at least - when I flew Cathay to CDG, we arrived at the old kitsch late 60's one (with no facilities of any type basically). In any case, the newer terminal wasn't great either in my view.

    For what it's worth, I don't think you're being spoilt at all. It sounds unreasonable and rather unimaginative on Air France's part. Sometimes I'm still surprised by just how far some Old Europe established airlines are getting behind the newer players like Emirates...

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