So glad to see this thread as I had a similar question. We're going to Langkawi for about 10 days next month. My youngest will be about 10 1/2 months then. I also don't put salt or sugar in his food so I don't know whether to take lots of jar food (I'm not really happy at the thought of feeding him jar food for the whole duration of our holiday). I'm taking this into consideration for booking the accommodation. If I wish to cook for him I'd have to go for a self-service apartment in the town centre and not by the beach. I can go for a villa on a beach, but it has no facilities that a hotel can offer. I suppose I can book a hotel by the beach and hope that the cook might be kind enough to make some simple meals without salt and sugar for my baby (it will basically involve boiling vegetables and blending them up). My little one eats semi-solid food.

Any suggestions for a baby that age?