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DH - taking advantage

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    Hope things improve now that's she's got a schedule. We also hired our first helper a couple months before D was born, As there was very little for her to do with just the 2 of us, she would always be on the phone, out till midnight on Sundays, and wake up late during the week. I expected things to change once D was born, what a fool I was. I sat down with her quite a few times and we'd see an improvement for 2 weeks and then she'd go back to her old ways.

    Hope things work out better for you.

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    i wonder is HappyV was reading this thread. *wink*

    vrombola, i think you have to sit this helper down & lay down your rules with her. so that she knows you're not a push over.

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    I too wondered where HappyV is...seems very unusual for them to let this thread slide without a couple of comments...LOL.

    Where are you HappyV? We're all waiting for your "tough love"...!

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    Apparently any comments I have to make are always 'off topic' - or so I have been told.

    Suffice to say that no one thinks that a helper disappearing for 7-8 hours is reasonable. However, if my DH had done this, I would ask her why she felt the need to (a) be gone that long or (b) lie. I wouldn;t just assume she was gossiping etc. Maybe she has a medical issue that she doesn;t feel comfortable bringing up - or maybe she has a friend in need?

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    try this!

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