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so lost and hopeless

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    Hi Michaela

    Sounds like things are coming along nicely! The first time I was on Clomid they did an internal scan arond day 12 to check for maturing follicles. Also to check that the medication wasn't being too effective (didn't want to be producing 7 eggs at once!). After that it was all go, so make sure your hubby is around the week after the scan.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleone View Post

    Does anyone know what the costs are like out here for public/private hospital treatment.
    Welcome to Geobaby! Have a read through these threads on pregnancy costs

    Cost of Matilda & Private Ob/gyn

    Pregnancy Costs

    Members who have gone the public route have spent less than $500 for the delivery. So don't worry if you don't have insurance.

    Some insurance companies are ok if you conceive within the first 12 months. So you can start trying after 5 months. This would mean you have to pay for all pre-natal care from your own pocket. HTH.
    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Unhappy hello

    Hiya ladies...

    Hope every1 is doign fine.
    Went for scan after my 1st cycle of clomid. It didnt work a lot.
    What the hell is going on with my body. Doctor said i have small egg. I think she said 6,1mm. Not sure thou, im so hopeless with this. DOnt understand at all. But still she said to make love for next 3days.
    Anyway she suggested i'll do injection form next cycle if i dont conceive this month (which i doubt i'll have chance from her expretions she gave me). Im very worried about these injection. DOnt have a clue about them.

    I m happy that she want me to get BFP ASAP but isnt it too soon??!!

    its all happenin just within couple of month.
    ---beg jun went for first appoit - confirmed PCOS, put on Met 1500mg
    ---beg July went for second appoit - lost 19 lbs, hormones almost back to normal (dont know what that exactly means), uped my Met to 2500mg and 1st round of CLOMID
    ---today went for scan to see how my ovaries doing, probably not very well so she is suggesting to do injectables from next month. Came down to 1500 - 2000mg of Met because of very bad S/E's

    I just dont know. Is it too much and too quickly for my body. Im sooooo confused. What do you girls think ???



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    Praying for you to be healed and have baby soon!:babydustpink

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    Don't worry too much! Clomid works for some people and not for others. I had to have injections gonal F and others before I got pregnant (6 cycles of clomid didn't work). As to speed that all this is happening at its up to you if you think she is going too fast speak to her about it. I'd have been happy to cut the clomid.

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