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help! baby only wants mummy!

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    Another clingy girl

    My 16 month old daughter (only child) has been mega clingy since she was about 5 months old and still is now, but only if I am around. I have found it exhausting and as I have had no help (helper starts tomorrow) I have been caring for her 24/7. I have realised the maxim quality not quantity is the key. Subconciously she has been picking up on my exhaustion with her crying and cried more! The last couple of weeks I have made an effort to be apart from her and then when with her to be really happy and responsive, being extra patient at bedtime etc - it seems to have worked, she has cried less and settled better. So much for being the devoted full time mum. I suspect it is partly because she's an only child, and a shy less active girl. Even my husband has commented that she reflects my emotions! Babies are clever things...

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    thanks problem is that i now have 2 or 3 really longs days of work. i'm out of the house by between 9 & 11am and not back until long after bedtime(8pm-10pm). i hate it, but it means that i'm home more throughout the rest of the week. i was just worried that she'd be screaming the entire time, but she seems to be doing a little better.

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    Only wants mummy

    Smurf (my older DD) is just like your little girl. Very active and doesn't sleep a lot during the day. I think you will find that she 'performs' more for you and when you are gone she is just as happy with big brother, Dad or DH. It will get better in time (going to work and leaving her) esp now that other people are 'feeding' her as she goes onto solids.

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