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Stopping night feeds?

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    Stopping night feeds?

    My 10weeks old baby seems to be sleeping more and more through the night, usually she sleeps after her feed at 11pm or 12am and will not wake up till 5am or 6am for another feed.

    However, she does not seem to want more milk during the day and often vomits if I gave her too much. For the past few days, she has lost a little weight (although still have 12 wet nappies), I am wondering whether she is getting enough milk and whether I should wake her for night feeds still.

    I am expressing for all her milk.

    Any suggestions?

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    A couple of things;

    - since you are expressing, you will know exactly how much your baby is taking. There are guidelines on this that you can check. Check your baby is taking a sufficient amount over a 24 hour period. However, most of these guidelines will be for formula-fed babies, so there may be a difference.
    - Then, this may give some indication of why your baby has lost weight, which is not normal, I would say.

    How much has s/he lost and what does s/he weigh now?

    As for suggestions, is it possible for you to breastfeed directly? I'm guessing there must be a good reason for you to express exclusively, but it does complicate matters. Breastfeeding allows the baby to regulate their intake, eat when they like and as often. Most breastfed babies at 10 weeks will definitely still need a night-time feed and be waking up one or more times to feed. OTOH, if your baby is fed regularly throughout the day, a gap of 5 hours at night should be fine. I would be delighted with that!

    I would seek advice from a qualified lactation consultant. Go to a LLL meeting or call.

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    I fed my baby exclusively on expressed breastmilk until she was 9 months old and she skipped her middle of the night feed at 2 1/2 months, sleeping from 11pm to 7am. By 4 months, she skipped the 10pm feed too and was sleeping from 7pm-7am. So I think yours is probably doing fine, except I am not certain how much weight your baby is losing. My daughter never lost any weight whilst being fed on breastmilk, I would ask your paed and if he/she says your baby's weight is fine, then skipping the middle of the night feed is definitely fine. I still remember how great it was when my daughter started doing that! Treasure it!

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    five hours during the night without feeding is fine. My doctor used to tell me if my baby does not get up for 8 hours before gets to 3 months, then wake him up for feed, otherwise it is fine. However, may be you can try to give her one more feed during the day, instead of 4 hours a feed, do it every 3 hours or ever 2 1/2 hour. It should help.

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