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After c-section care

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    After c-section care

    I got a belt and wore it for a month during confinement. I wasn't in that much pain, but the belt was irritating me when i was sitting down breast-feeding/pumping, it was also very itchy. Try to leave it on during the day and take it off at night, so your muscles can have bit of a break, it also helps you gain a waist back sooner!!

    Its not the sexiest belt and I hid it well under my maternity clothes. I was in maternity clothes for almost 3-months afterwards and hated the big maternity pads as well! They are bigger than my daughter's diapers...ha ha.

    But everytime I look at my daughter, the suffering was worth every bit, even if I had to wear that belt for life!

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    I had a c-sec 5 months agoand as aussiegal and kashismum i lifted my baby next day itself. Just don't overdo it as kashismum says. As far as the belt goes I was asked to wear it to help reduce swelling and to help reduce the tummy size I didn't wear it for more than 3 to 4 days after my stitches were removed as it was slightly uncomfortable, especially during breast feed and things are fine. I guess it just help holding your abdomen so that there is less movement and pain reduces.

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