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Milk supply dwindling?

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    thanks jenny. we are actually moving soon and have bought a van that i'm using to get to lessons. i have to pump surrepticiously in parking lots. i don't want to leave the milk in the van as it gets scorching hot in there durning the day.

    i have bought a cooler box and a couple of ice packs and it seems to be working quite well!

    thanks for the info though. i didn't know that!

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    Help! Milk Supply Also SEEMS to be Dwindling

    I have the same problem and very worried as I would really like to breastfeed my baby. My LO is 8 wks old.

    This is my routine: Nurse from 12am to 10am. Then pump twice a day, in the afternoon and late at night. I give EBM because my nipples get really sore if I nurse the whole day and sometimes I leave my LO at home. I've been doing this from week 1 to 7 and it worked fine until I came back to HK this monday. During the 6th-7th wk, I could pump 12 oz per session. Now I could barely get 4oz off my breast.

    What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions on how to increase it? Before, I supplement 1 feeding with formula. Now I need to supplement 2 feedings. My only alternative is to nurse directly. But I'm thinking what will happen if I go out and leave my LO home.

    Thank you so much!

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