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Suggestions on Local Schools - English speaking.

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    Smile Suggestions on Local Schools - English speaking.

    I am a silent member of this forum, I usually read rather than write my thoughts. Majority of the topics on the education forum is regarding the schools. I have many concerns regarding this:-

    1. There are local English-medium schools in Hong Kong. So parents don't have to worry about the homework and paperwork in cantonese. These schools provide all the information in English and if the parents are not english-speaking, the school even goes through the trouble of finding other parents in the same school same as your nationality to help you translate.

    2. I myself studied in a local English-medium school and I never remembered having to stay up late doing homework. I'm not sure if the local schools homework load and local english-medium school homework load is different. However I found my education and childhood to be quite relaxing.

    3. Alot of indian parents know about the Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary Shool in Causeway our days most parents used to send there kids to that school. This is a school opened by a Indian (Parsee) guy named Ellis Kadoorie in Hong Kong in the 1950's mainly for indians in Hong Kong and it also teaches Hindi and that time it was a popular school among the indian community....However, now I checked with them and majority of their students are Fillipinos and Pakistanis. Nothing against anybody...but I feel that we indians are letting the great person down who opened a indian school for the indian community and now we do not send our kids in this school. I feel that the school needs to raise awareness in Indian community that it is a good school and mainly caters for non-chinese speaking students.

    4. Another local english-medium school is Li Sing Tai Hang School...also caters for non-chinese speaking childrens.

    There are enough local schools with english medium in Hong Kong....I think it is us, the parents who do not want to enter the local education system in Hong Kong....and are running towards the famous and $$$ schools.

    I am not saying that the esf, DSS, or int'l schools are bad or anything but they are good if you can afford. However, for some parents like me who have to work full-time to make the both ends meet, these local english medium schools are great.

    Please do commend on this matter.

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    I have looked into the EMI schools in HK. Most of them still have their history classes in Putonghua or Cantonese, which excludes foreign English speakers from enrollment. I am very frustrated as I would like to have more options for him. Also, he has a diagnosis of ADD and I have yet to find a secondary school, local or international, that can offer him support.

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