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Shall I stop helper sleeping in the same room with baby?

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    HI everyone,
    I've moved my helper out of my LO's room the day i receive your messages. Surprising she did not cry a bit after she moved out. It's been really great and I just have to visit her room before i go to bed.
    Thanks for all of your advice!

    Quote Originally Posted by PreggerC View Post
    everyone including ourselves sleep in different positions. my son turns 180 degrees in the crib when i see him in the morning. you should not let that stop you from having your helper sleeping in the same room. i personally think it may be too late to break the habit already but if you have concerns you should do it. will take several weeks of crying but i think it's worth it.

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    Why people have their helpers share rooms with the babies/kids is simply beyond me. Helpers need their own space! They are people too! They need privacy and somewhere they can go and just shut the door!

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