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oasis air line?

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    oasis air line?

    Has anyone used this airline before? They now have a flight from vancouver to HK, with a sale right now of 800$ canadain business class, and 400$ economy (canadian dollars) which is dirt cheap, so I am wondering if I am likely to fall out of the sky. It just seems too good to be true. Has you heard of it, or used it before?

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    Our family has used Oasis a number of times and we’ve always arrived on time and whole. I was very impressed because I needed to rush to London to visit my daughter and was able to get a flight on line just 36 hours later.

    It is just like any other long haul flight – not that comfortable. If you want any extra food or drink on the plane you have to pay for it. They do give you the normal meals but not more. (I always find that I’m given more food than I want on planes anyway.)

    This isn’t a factor in going to Canada but in London the airport Oasis lands at is Gatwick, which is actually more convenient than Heathrow for me.

    I also find the fact that all the tickets are singles very useful. For example my daughter is thinking of returning to London via Canada at the end of the summer – so I just bought her a single ticket from London to Hong Kong. Also my niece is coming to visit for three weeks in the summer. I will return with her to London. It was easy for us to buy our tickets (me in Hong Kong and her in England) and be on the same flight without any hassle.

    I’m just waiting for them to fly to Toronto as well as Vancouver.

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    Hi I recently travelled with Oasis from HK to London, return trip. I booked Oasis because they had an offer which enabled children under the age of 2 years to have their own seat free of charge, if you booked 1 full adult fare. This worked really well for my husband, myself and our 18 month daughter. She is way too big to carry on my lap for 13 hours.

    My husband's very tall - about six feet five - so the fact that the seats didn't fully recline meant he wasn't that comfortable. But for me - five feet eight/nine - it was fine and great for my daughter. She has never previously slept a wink on a long haul flight but with Oasis slept 8 hours straight.

    I would definitely fly Oasis again. It's way cheaper than the other airlines in terms of price but I don't think you get a cheap deal in terms of comfort and service. When is a long haul flight ever comfortable, even if you're flying normal business or even first class? The hostesses were really friendly, the planes took off and arrived on time - no complaints at all. My advice would be make the most of it while they're in business - I don't see how they can be making much money really...

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