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IUI at Dr Milton Leong

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    Ruby06 is offline Registered User
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    Jen 17,

    In addition to what W2BMOM said. You may also need to "wait" when you go to the appointment too(15 mins - 1hr) . But don't be upset.
    It is probably because Dr. Tay will not "rush" any patient out.(Not because he squeeze in too many patients.) When you get to see him, you will never feel rush and he will explain everything to you in details and give u as much time as you need to ask questions too.

    Wish you all the best.

    Quote Originally Posted by W2BMOM View Post

    I'm so happy to be able to share my success story and to be able to help another person. I sure hope you will agree with us here once you meet Dr Tay personally. Below is his address and tel. no. One thing to note though is his nurses. Don't be "discouraged" when you speak to his nurses as they tend to sound a bit rushed and not too friendly but as you get to know them, they're actually pretty caring and nice people. I hope you get an appt very soon! Below is his address and contact no.

    Room 601, 6/F, Hang Seng Tsimshatsui Bldg, 18 Carnarvon Rd, TST
    Tel : 35210631, 35210632

    I wish you all the best and hope to hear some good news from you soon!!

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    W2BMOM is offline Registered User
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    Hey! Ruby06

    "Give me 5"! We seem to be on the same "wavelength" :yeah2

    One thing to add is, although the waiting time is sometimes long, somehow we feel happy to wait right? The atmosphere remains relaxed even then. Perhaps it's because we know we are being treated fairly unlike in some clinics I've been to, some patients seem to receive more attention than others.

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    Bunbunh is offline Registered User
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    I am new here in Geobaby, the reason why I am here is we went through IVF just last month and found out on 4th July that I was not conceived, the pain is still raw but we want to try this again. We were with Queen Mary, costs us HK$60000 just for my part, hubby has very low counts so doc told us to go into IVF. Our doc was Dr. Ernest Ng, he's got good manners and time for us, but I was not conceived, so God knows.

    Heard from others that HK Sanitorium is good, and I got from everyone on this that either Dr Leong or Dr Tay. Thanks to W2BMOM, I have just made an appointment with Dr Tay on 14 Nov, before I do this, can anyone tell me more about Dr Tay. I guess the 1st time really freak us out.

    Is the US any better? We are from US, so if this don't work out here, we might want to do this in the US.

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    I went to see dr leong, waited for 2.5 hr, he spent 5 mins telling me he's old and rich and can't help me. I paid $2,500 for nothing. Not even a check up.

    I am still trying but want a decent doctor who would listen to me and give good advise and not rush me out of the door consider I waited for 2.5 hr with appointment.

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