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IUI and partially blocked tube

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    IUI and partially blocked tube

    Anyone had IUI with a partially blocked fallopian tube? Can you share your experiences as I'm confused!

    I had the xray thing done to check that my tubes are open and it turns out that one tube is partially blocked and the other is open. Doc says that there's an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy if we go down the IUI route but I was left feeling slightly confused as to the extent of the risk. Hubby thinks the Doc was telling us about the risk of ectopic because he has to mention all the risks but that it's not THAT likely to occur whereas I was thinking that perhaps we should move to IVF sooner rather than later. I guess I should have asked for percentage risk but at the time I didn't realise that hubby had a different perspective on what the Doc was saying.

    The Doc said some people in these situations go straight to IVF cos they want to eliminate all risk of an ectopic pregnancy whereas others are happy to continue with IUI. I left thinking that IUI without stimulation would be best course for us first time round and if I'm ovulating on the blocked side we just cancel this month. But obviously with hubby's low count and motility we don't stand much chance of success so I'm already thinking about what our next step should be.

    Any advice?

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    Same situations here, my right tube was blocked, and hubby has very low count, so we went straight into IVF, doc told us no change to do IUI, we had this done in Queen Mary hospital private, and it was negative.

    I had 12 good eggs but only 2 broke and good for transfer, both die before the 2 weeks waiting period, this just happened last week, we are still very sad.

    My doc is Dr. Ernest Ng, he’s good but God knows.

    Total cost for my part was HK$60,000, hubby HK$28,500.

    We’d like to try again, can anyone recommend a good doc in HK. I am 36 now and age is a big concern, money too of cos.

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