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monthly food allowance for helper

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    monthly food allowance for helper


    we are employing another helper (sister of my current helper) and I was wondering was is a REASONABLE monthly food allowance to provide for the helpers (we don't want them to overly stinge and eat too much cheap processed food!!) - our helper use to eat what we eat but now that there is 2 of them it's certainly more economical for them to cook their own meals and it gives them more freedom too.


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    It's kind of difficult for the DH to prepare separate dishes for dinner so she would just eat what we eat. While we are not home for breakfast and lunch, she just cook with whatever we have in the fridge. We don't pay her a food allowance. We just let her pick what she need when we go to the supermarket.

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    We asked our helper when she came- she had been getting 400 per month we asked if this was enough. She said she would like 600 which seemed very reasonable to us- suppose it depends on what you pay- but we spend quite a bit more than that on fresh food so that seemed fine.

    Hope that helps

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    same as ELT, our helper can buy her own food ( esp since she is indonesian and doesn't eat pork) when she goes to the supermarket, it is hard to lay down the lines between "our" food and "her " food , so instead of the hassle of an allowance, she just buys her stuff and we look at the overall cost of the grocery. Its usually reasonable as we normally buy from the wet market or Welcome etc.

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