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Baby Buddies/Alison's Letterland

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    Baby Buddies/Alison's Letterland

    Saw the ad of baby buddies/Alison's Letterland Child Care Centre and want to know if anyone has tried it. It's a bit confusing to me - baby buddies is in Tin Hau and the Alison's Letterland is in Causeway Bay.
    If anyone has tried them kindly share your experience with me.

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    I can't comment on the Tin Hau branch. But based on my son's experience at Baby Buddies (Tuen Mun), I'd say we found an economical, educational and fun playgroup for our bub. We considered moving him to Woodlands but weren't impressed given how much more it costs. The BB teacher at Tuen Mun is wonderful and it's been wonderful to see my son's confidence blossom under her. He now stands at the gate eager to step into class each time I take him there. At Tuen Mun, you can attend a free trial. Find out if you can at Tin Hau. That would be your best bet on deciding if BB suits you and your child.

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    Baby Buddies offers playgroups for kids aged below 3 and adult accompaniment is required. Letterland is more like a kindergarten (for 2 to 6-year-olds). Years back my elder son attended the Baby Buddies playgroup in Tin Hau and he enjoyed it. When he turned 2 we tried Letterland but finally went back to the former. Personally I was not very positive about the environment in Letterland – it’s like a small flat crowded with kids of various ages.

    I do highly recommend the teacher now teaching in the Tuen Mun branch though. She once taught in the Tin Hau branch (about 3 - 4 years ago) and my son adored her.


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