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    AndreaY is offline Registered User
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    Sorry, but I just read the other thread that you posted, it seemed a little strange that you suddenly started to produce milk like substance at the same time as feeling lethargic. It could be infection or something. I would go and see a doctor just to get checked out immediately, if for nothing, just for sake of mind.

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    About eight years ago I felt very tired and fatigued. It was as if I had enough energy to last the day - so long as I did nothing. If I exercised in the morning then I'd need a long afternoon nap.

    My doctor did blood tests and discovered I had an under active thyroid. She then put me on some little tablets everyday and almost immediately I felt better.

    In fact I felt wonderful even though I discovered I was pregnant about four weeks later. I'd take morning sickness over a low thyroid any day!

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    engee, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding then I wouldn't suggest you to take chinese herb tea before consulting your doctor... sorry, I should have checked with you before recommending you the tea...

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    Thanx a lot for the replies.
    I am not pregnant am sure of that.i wonder how an infection comes there on the breast...?anyways i will chk it out with the doc.But i tot the white stuff came just like that for 3yrs or so...nope?hehe

    Hey. ELT its alright.Thanx a lot moms!

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