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Victoria Nursery Disappointed

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by wonderful View Post
    It's the Harbour Heights Campus. You are welcome. =)
    My husband have observed the playgroup and totally agree with you that the playgroup is really not good. That's why although
    I had enrolled for this school for my girl but I finally don't go to interview.

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    mrs momo is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    I think Victoria is the worst playgroup my baby has attended. The teachers just sit there and do nothing. Parents wear shoes into the school when they expect our kids to change shoes. Their standards are just pathetic.

    The administration is lousy and all they care is about your $$$. I have no idea what all the hype is.

    My gf's kid was enrolled in the South Horizon nursery class and also withdrew after a month. The teacher didn't even ask why, they just told my friend to leave the withdrawal letter. My neighbour's child also attended the Harbour Heights pre nursery class but will not send their child for K1 as they are also disappointed with the school.

    Victoria is uncaring and all they care is about your $$$$$ If you want to waste some time and money, do try it out!

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    Hong Kong

    I had the same experience. My son was in the playgroup before but it was disappointing. The Cantonese session was better but worst in the English one. Most Westerner teachers were icy

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    I also had very bad experience with their playgroup class and had pulled my daughter out after just one month.

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    Causeway Bay

    Last year, a friend of mine enrolled her daughter in Harbour Heights Victoria playgroup. She had positive comments on the English teacher but not the Chinese teacher. The worst thing she said is that the Chinese teacher, who is a local with quite a strong Cantonese accent when pronouncing English words, always mixed English with Cantonese, and there was hardly a single sentence spoken in a pure language.:blahblah


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