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Watching TV when feeding

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    Watching TV when feeding

    My 1.5 y.o. taking his lunch/dinner with DVD on. It seems he get used to it. How can I change his habit?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    Just insist that you need to keep the tv off when you eat, and eat with him at the table.

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    we had the same problem about half a year ago, she's 21 mths now. it was too easy for the helper to be feeding her watching DVD, bub just opens up like a robot, vs. with the TV off, we need lots of 'entertainment' on the side.

    took a bit of insisting from me so my helper won't do that while i'm at work. she still slipped into it when bub is fussy, which i accept once in a while, i understand how much harder it is feeding without it. i'm going on a trip and i KNOW I will succumb to the DVD when i'm much more desperate for her to eat properly on a trip (we had serious poopoo problems on trips... when she doesn't eat her veggies well), i'm still battling this one out in my head.

    suggest you can start a meal WITHOUT the TV, maybe pop it in only after other toys and stuff doesn't work, and when she gets really fussy, you might be surprised you might not need it.

    we have lots of toys and songs during meal times, we also tried a plain CD where we sing-along, i feel it's a lot better than DVD already. it's not the best that they need all these entertainment, but kids are kids, if you have someone who doesn't necessarily 'enjoy' their food like adults do. also, try to teach her to tell you when she's full, so she doesn't HAVE to finish EVERYTHING, i think like all of us, there are some days when we just feel stuffed and don't feel like eating too much, we let her out of her chair when she says done, so to not prolong the meal unnecessarily. there'll be good days and bad ones... good luck!

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    When we moved house, we also moved the TV, now it is not in the main living area of the house and this has drastically reduced how much TV the children watch. I find that when we do get into a too much TV habits, and then I stop letting them watch, the first day or 2 there is alot of whining, but then my 3 year old forgets about it and plays happily and stops asking for cartoons. My 16 month old is not really interested in TV yet.

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