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Milton Sterilizer Tablets

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    Milton Sterilizer Tablets

    Does anywhere here use the Milton tablets? I have been using them to sterilize larger items that dont fit in the microwave sterilizer, or else metal items that cannot go in the microwave, and I find that the water and items smell almost bleach-like.

    The package says do not rinse when taken out of the water, but the bleach-ey smell is a bit strong.

    Also if the tablets last 24 hours, does that mean we can keep putting things in the "sterilizing" water within that 24 hour period?


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    Jemma is offline Registered User
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    I tried them once but found the same thing with the bleach smell.
    I decided that the chemicals were probably worse that the germs!
    Make your own decision, but I tried to keep my daughter on breatmilk, give her only organic food, etc. So when I considered the implications of chlorine in her diet I decided to keep well clear of those tablets!

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    I am guessing the tablets are bleach? Why not just sterilize them the old fashoined way, it a pot of boiling water?

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    It is a very weak bleach/salt remember salt solution is chlorine as well in a different form. You wash items and then leave them to soak in milton and each solution lasts 24 hours so you replace it after that with new. Yes you can keep adding things as long as they are clean- and can take things out without rinsing- what would you rinse with anyway- it would have to be sterile otherwise the sterility would be lost.
    I agree there is a smell and also it can alter rubber- but it was the steriliser method for many years in the UK and is effective. You are supposed to keep things fully covered and there are steriliser tanks with a shelf to hold things under the solution.

    Hope that answers the how to use it query.

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    Milton has been used for years, in fact our parents probably used it for us. I too find the smell too strong. In the hospital they used it for my nipple shields, but then used to rinse them off to try settle the bleach smell (which it didn't). Not sure what good it does rinsing them anyway, given that surely this effects the fact the items were once sterile. If you are travelling, it actually would render them useless. I have only ever tried using them since when travelling without access to steam sterilisation.

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