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Long-haul flights in 2nd trimester

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    Phillisimo is offline Registered User
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    Long-haul flights in 2nd trimester


    I'm wondering how many of y'all mommies flew long-haul, e.g. Europe or America, during your 2nd trimester and whether you encountered any in-flight problems like gas, cramping or other discomforts?

    Although I've been given the go ahead by the doctor, because this is my first pregnancy, I am torn between the unknown risks of flying for me and my baby, and having to face the firing squad i.e. the in-laws. I really don't want to miss my buddy's wedding.

    So if any mommies flew long-haul during your 2nd trimester, can you please share your first-hand experiences and honest opinions with a fellow first-time mommy?

    Much thanks!

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    mum of 2 is offline Registered User
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    Despite protests from parents, flew all over the place; London to South Africa/NY/Hawaii/Sydney and HK to London/Sydney/Auckland. No problems whatsoever! Enjoy the wedding.

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    arismom is offline Registered User
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    I was told the 2nd trimester was the best time to travel. We went from HK to Australia and I was fine. Just made sure I kept drinking water, walked around a lot, and stretched out as much as I could on the seats. A lot of couples take 'baby moons' during the 2nd trimester as that is when you apparently are feeling the best (ie 1st trimester = morning sickness etc and 3rd trimester = too heavy).
    Good luck!

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    I've flown long and short haul all the way through 1st to the 3rd trimester. Bump has been to 8 different countries. Had no problems, just get an aisle seat, flight socks and drink lots of water.

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    We went to Madrid/London during my 2nd trimester. No problems at all. I did take my own snacks on the flight. I would feel very queasy if I didn't eat meals at the right times.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I took a long haul flight to England when in my second trimester with my last child. On the way home I had terrible pains in my legs. They felt really swollen and it was really difficult to move them.

    At the time I assumed this was a problem with being pregnant but I experienced similar (but not as bad) problems last week while returning from England. I am flying to the USA next week and have decided to purchase a pair of the special flying socks to help with blood circulation – even though they seem very expensive for a pair of socks.

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