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Has anyone enrolled their toddler in Baby Buddies?

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    Has anyone enrolled their toddler in Baby Buddies?

    I was looking at some playgroups around my area (Tin Hau/Fortress Hill) and Baby Buddies came up on the list. What do you think of it and the curriculum and do you think it's easy to move onto a mainstream preschool/kindergarten, i.e. is is accredited and acknowledged here in HK?


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    OK for English

    Yes, my daughter's been going to the Tin Hau one for about 7 months.
    I do believe the kindergarten is a properly registered one, but BB is just a playgroup essentially.

    The 2 hour session is broken down into lots of 10 minute-or-so slots - story time, free play, snack time, arts&crafts, singing, etc.

    Once they are 2, they can move up to Letterland. I'll be moving my daughter at 2, as I want her to learn Putonghua. BB & Letterland is English only. Almost 100% of the parents and kids are Chinese, so it seems to be popular among families wanting exposure to English where there is little/none at home. This is not my family situation, hence the move.

    You can enrol your toddler in a trial class. However, there seems to be a lng waiting list. Probably a refection of the reasonable fee.


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    Hi my girl have just 'graduate' from BB. She started to go to BB when she was 10 months old and now she was 2years and 10 months old.
    I and my girl enjoy this playgroup so much. Unlike many local playgroup, BB did not expect my like one to sit properly for unresonable long time. They just sit to enjoy a short story and sing some songs. Besides, BB have many time for free play and did provide many kind of play which is really good for children development. Since some kind of game are so messy that I don't want my girl to play at home (like finger paint, water, bubble, cream, sand...). I'd like to just pay $100 (at that time) for 2 hours to let my little one to play with other children with those games. At that time, many westerners go to BB, average 2-3 westerners in a group of 10 children (my girl always join weekday playgroup). The westerns are from different countries.
    However, I don't really like the new teacher who seem to be an Indian since she is not as positive as the previous one. I like Abbie most and she's now only go to some of the BB class ( and the class have long waiting list ).

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