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Cathay Hand luggage

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    Cathay Hand luggage

    I am wondering if anyone has travelled with Cathay Business since they became stricter on the hand luggage allowance. I know all about the liquid issue, but am wondering how strict they now are on the size and number of bags. I am travelling alone with my baby who will be 3 months old and is bottle fed back to the UK. I need to take some stuff in my hand luggage for me so am wondering how to fit everything in as she does not have an allowance.

    Any suggestions or experiences gratefully received.

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    Diaper bag is fine and plus a bag for u. They wont trouble u for that. We carried our flask with water plus the formula box they didnt bother us. Best of luck

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    I traveled with my LO when she was 6 months in CX business class. I had my handbag, her baby bag and a carry-on language ( max. size). They didn't bother me at all.

    Bear Lau:

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    Try looking at their web site or phone reservations and ask what their policy is. If you have an old ticket stub on hand, it is actually printed what you are permitted to bring on in addition to your one item of hand carry - and a baby bag is part of this 'additional' item that is allowed. To date, CX has been EXCELLENT with us and have not bothered us at all in terms of what we went on board with.

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