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Paediatrician pro-breastfeeding

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    Paediatrician pro-breastfeeding

    Hi everybody!

    I am looking for a pro-breastfeeding paediatrician, as the one I have never stop to tell me to give bottle to my baby.:blahblah
    He is right to tell to give more as my baby is not putting on enough weight (4,2kg at 1 month, 4,5 at 2 month, 4,6kg at 3!!!) but I really want to try everything before starting bottle!
    Her lenght and cranian p. still be perfect, she is smily, sleeps the whole night since she is 1 month, is very awake when awake, and almost never cry!

    If you breastfeed and are happy with yours, just tell me!
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    This older thread may help:
    Pro breastfeeding paediatrician

    You may also like to seek the help of a lactation consultation, if only to put your own mind at rest. Contact LLL.

    Good on you for sticking to your guns! Your baby would thank you for it if s/he could, I'm sure.

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    We are extremely happy with our paediatrian Dr. Simon Wong who we have used since our second son was born a few years ago. Before that, we have tried several other famous paediatrican but were dissapointed one way or the other. Dr. Wong has always been sweet and caring to all of us in the family, and has provided so much help and encouragement at crucial times when my baby son had to stay in NICU at Queen Mary shorty after birth, my post-natal depression, etc. Our whole family ended up switching to see him so he is our "family doctor" now! He respect all my thoughts in every step of the way including breastfeeding and is very laid back in giving out medicine. I have never encountered any other doctor who is so open and honest about when not to use medicine and when it is necessary. There were so many times when he would literally beg us not to give our kids medicine so that they can build their own resistance, which is so rare in Hong Kong. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a peadiatrican. His number is 2890 3316 and his clinic is in Causeway Bay.

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    I recommend visiting Dr. Sophie Lenug. She is a paediatrician who has done lots of work on how children grow including a study on the growth of Hong Kong children. She is also the only doctor in Hong Kong who has taken (and passed) the International Lactation Consultants Exam and thus knows a lot about normal growth of children while breastfeeding.

    Dr. Sophie Leung
    Shop G32, Ground Floor, Metro City, Phase 3, 8 Mau Yip Road, Tseung Kwan O, NT

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    mailmail, does Dr. Simon Wong require you to wait forever to see him?

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