i cook some rice especially for my daughter. i double the amt of water from what we normally put for adult rice. so the rice is soft & mushy. i usually cook 1 cup rice. then put the rest in the fridge in a ziploc box. can also keep for 1 week. my daughter is 2 yo though. i think i started giving her rice after she turned one.

snoopymom, i'm not sure if you can give to cchildren younger than 1 yo. miso is actually fermented beans. if you feel comfortable giving your baby beancurds, soy sauce & soy milk, i think it's OK. some babies started eating adult food when they're 7-8 mths. but i was very careful. i'd wait after a child turns 1.

re: tofu, you can also mix it up with egg (egg yolk for under 1) & add water (about 1/3 for yolk nly & 1.2 cup for 1 egg) & steam (10mins). then eat with rice. quite yummy too!