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nappy valley - where is it?

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    Pok Fu Lam

    'Nappy Valley' is a Brit term for area's where young families tend to reside.....think is just coincidence there is somewhere in HK called 'happy valley' and your friend, I would say, wasn't referring to that particular district (who know though, I could be wrong).

    As people say, depends on budgets and working locations etc, but if you do a search there have been loads of similar threads on the site on the subject.

    We only moved here a year ago and were trying to decide between Pok Fu lam and Repulse Bay....both have pluses and negatives. Would say is best to have a general look-about when you get here to decide which feels more comfy for you (we decided on Pok fu Lam in the end, but frequently pop to Repulse Bay too).

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    I am a brit too and currently looking for a new apartment and have a 3 month old. It really depends what is important to you and how you plan to live. We lived in London and then in a village in the UK so it was a huge commute to London- over 75 mins each way. When we moved here we wanted a very short commute so live in mid-levels, and we still managed green view, not too noisy(actually other than the occasional speed freek on a bike at 2am we usually find bird noise wakes us). Now we are looking again and really don't want to go as far as Pokfulam or repulse Bay. All our baby activities are in Central and Happy Valley.

    What I am trying to say is any area can be baby friendly- it depends on priorities and Hong Kong is totally different to London in that although it is easy to get everywhere and taxis are plentiful it may not mean you leave your own area that much. We can not see the point of repulse bay for instance as we have never been to the beach there in the last 16 months so why move closer to the beach when you never go. The only way to work out HK as KatBoo says is to come and look around- sure find out first but don't make any decisions, 30 minutes commute in London is small but seems massive here- and can be off putting enough not to do it- especially for frineds who live elsewhere on the island.

    Hope that helps. I note you wrote about being a teacher- that will obviously make a difference too as if you worked for instance at HKIS in Tai Tam you may want to be on southside and closer to work.

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    I'm now back in Brisbane Australia, after living in HK for 11 years, I'm finding it hard to adjust to Oz lifestyle...strange! We lived in Happy Valley throughout and loved it. It's like a little village with its own community, you have access to everything such as supermarkets, small chinese style cafes (love), loads of little eateries, dog friendly environment, vets, laundromat, Mc'donalds, Pharmacy, everything is there. We lived near the Happy Valley Racecourse which is walking distance to major transport, tram, taxi, mini van or you can walk to Causeway Bay takes about 20 mins, one of the major busy city centres. I think if you want to live within easy access to everything, especially shopping then Happy Valley is a great choice. Good Luck!

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