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Dentist for Baby ?

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    Dentist for Baby ?

    Oh my goodness. I had a tel-con this morning at home and before I knew it, a big thump. My 17 month old landed face down as she fell from the sideboard (which is a fair height !). Her mouth was bleeding and I thought one of her tooth had fallen out ! I rushed her to the Queen Mary Hosptial only to find out that I should of brought her birth certificate with me. Apparently, if you don't have it or anything that shows the baby is a hk resident, you'll be charge HK$570, but if you have proof, then it is only HK$100. Afterwhich, I sat down and saw the sign that says waiting time for semi-urgent cases - 120 minutes !!!!!! yes, right, i was not going to sit there for 2 hours ! Anyway, I called my private paeditrican's office and they gave me advise. My baby's tooth has been dislodged (but it hasn't fallen out). The nurse said not to touch it and it should heal and remain in its place in about a week's time. Bubes finally let me look at her teeth after the whole of today and it's really bruised at the root of her front tooth, and you can see that it is dislodged. Anyone been to a good dentist ? Or has any advise from similar experiences ?

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    Dr Ray Lee - his contacts would be at this site's directory. Wonderful man and great with kids.

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