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Hi-looking for Aussie mums-primary school/toddlers

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    kimkflee is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hey there, apart from the location of the AIS (being in Kowloon), you must consider whether you prefer the HSC or the VCE. I am Aussie educated in Melbourne and now have a girl 8. My girl now goes to an IB school, as I prefer the VCE in oppose to HSC.

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    sophwillsmum is offline Registered User
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    Bel air, Cyberport.

    AIS offers the IB.

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    nutterbutter is offline Registered User
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    Red face Thank you

    Thanks so much Sophwillsmum.... we are still in wait mode...drives us a bit batty. You are right, a little Aussie patriotism would be nice-especially since DD told me yesterday that Waltzing Matilda was Australia's national anthem!...she is however, very familiar with the pledge of allegiance(S?). So it's high time for a little "Aussification" LOL. She has an Aussie passport (we have been a bit slow about the twins tho-better get our skates on and do something about that).
    thanks again

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    I am an Aussie living in HK. In searching schools, please bear in mind that the Aus Int School have school holidays according to the normal Aus school year of Feb to Dec where as most other Local and International schools in HK use the US/Uk schedule of Sept to June. Therefore your children will be on their summer holidays (in HK winter) when all the other local/international schools are 4 months into the school year.

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    Shana is offline Registered User
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    Quote Originally Posted by sophwillsmum View Post
    p.s. I don't know if you have looked in to getting a position. It is pretty difficult as the waiting list is quite long. Do your kids have Australian passports? If so they will be prioritised.
    Hi sophwillsmum,

    I'm thinking of sending my kid to AISHK, you've mentioned there's a long waiting list. Do you know if that'd be the case for reception class too (my kid is holding an aussie passport)?

    Also, since the reception class starts at the age of 4, do you think it would be better for my kid to study in other international kindie just for the 1st year when he reaches the age of 3?

    Any recommendations / suggestions are welcome from AISHK mothers! =)

    Thank you!!


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