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Postnatal Check-up at Matilda

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    Postnatal Check-up at Matilda

    Hi All,

    I'd like to see a doctor for a postnatal check-up at the Matilda. I gave birth 5 weeks ago in the UK so I have not seen anyone here yet.

    In the UK mums have a check-up 6 weeks after the birth when your BP, urine, womb recovery, stitches, emotional state etc are checked. This is done by your family doctor (GP).

    I don't know how it works here - whether the family doctor can do this or if it needs to be an Obstetrician. The baby has seen one family doctor at the Matilda - Lindsey Macdonald and she seemed very good.

    Any advice or recommendations gratefully received.

    Many thanks,


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    Why don't you ask Linsey MacDonald if she'll do it? Otherwise, you choose an ob/gyn - at the Matilda or elsewhere - and just make an appointment.

    I'm presuming you had a C-section since you mention wound. If it all looks ok, there is no on-going care that a doctor can provide. I guess you just want it checked and I don't see why a GP can't do that - it's the same as any other wound.

    Other things to do at this check up is discuss contraception. Again, a GP can handle this for you. If you are BF, you might want some supplements. And the doc may do an internal.

    Hope that helps!

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