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Japanese Playgroup???

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    gggogo is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2007
    Hong Kong

    Japanese Playgroup???

    New to HK. I'm Japanese, hubby is Aussie. Our 2 girls are one and half and nearly 3. I really want my kids to take part in a Japanese playgroup whilst in HK. Does anyone know of one and if so where it's located?

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    Mousugumama is offline Registered User
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    gggogo, welcome to HK. I'm also a mother of two girls (2year old twins) and Japanese. You can check out below for Japanese playgroups in HK.
    For your older daughter, you can also try Teikyo Yochien's panda class (Saturday only classes) - I blieve they accept 3 year olds.
    You can send me private message if you want further or other infor.

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