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Gina Ford - top & tailing???

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    Gina Ford - top & tailing???

    I'm currently reading A Contented House w/ Twins by Gina Ford and I've come across the term top & tailing but I can't seem to find what it means. Can somebody tell me?

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    it means cleaning the baby's head and bottom, usually with just a wet sponge and not submerging the baby in water. You will probably do this for the babies' first week or so. I still do it with my 7 month old as she only gets a bath every other day!

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    I always thought top and tailing was when two people slept head to feet- so two people sleeping in same bed but one has feet at one end with other persons head and vice versa.

    Guess it depends on context within which it's used- sleeping or bathing!

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    It's a commonly used UK term which in this context means what someone kindly posted before... just cleaning the babies bottom and head and often just with cotton wool balls.

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