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UPDATE - Fisher Price /Mattel Recall

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    Yeah there is also a new shop opening in DB which will sell organic vege., hopefully they will be locally produced.

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    somebodyfamous's Avatar
    somebodyfamous is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2005
    Hong Kong

    I noticed Great sells some organic produce but it is from China - I always get confused by that. Not sure who is testing those farms.....

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    The organic shop on Caine rd that Neha mentioned is quite good.
    They do have a limited range, but it's great to support local industry, and hopefully the small organic farms will do well here.

    i've heard you can also arrange to visit these farms, which would make an interesting excursion for children.
    Back home in Oz, we always grew veges in our garden, it's a shame our kids here can't have the same experience.

    It's certainly easier to get kids to eat veg that they've picked themselves!

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Mar 2003
    New Territories


    Yes, you can go to some of the farms and some even sponsor courses or rent out plots for people to grow their own.

    There's also a weekly market outside Revenue Tower & Immigration Tower.

    For those in Sai Kung-CWB area, the Lions Nature Education Centre also allows organic farmers to sell on Sundays.

    A complete list from the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association:

    The Green Earth Society shop in Sai Kung also sells organic produce, as well as more earth-friendly cleaners and so forth.
    In fact, I think I'll start a new thread repeating this information called "Green Living in Hong Kong".

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    rani is offline Administrator
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    Sep 2002
    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    Mattel announced a Third Recall -

    The products are:

    * Dream Puppy House™– orange on miniature dog
    * Dream Kitty Condo™– brown on miniature cat
    * Table & Chairs Kitchen Playset – yellow food on two dinner plates, brown on miniature dog, yellow and orange on potato chip bowl, orange on salad bowl
    * Bathtub & Toilet Playset – brown on miniature cat
    * Desk & Chair Bedroom Playset – brown on miniature dog
    * Living Room Playset (deluxe) – brown on miniature cat
    * Living Room Playset (premium) – yellow flower on purse

    * GEOTRAX™ Rail & Road System Freightway Transport™– yellow headlights on train car and miniature ladder
    * GEOTRAX™ Special Track Pack™ – yellow headlights on train car and miniature ladder
    * "It's a Big Big World" 6-in-1 Bongo Band – painted decal on top of clear plastic on drum

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    Nov 2006
    Mid Levels, Hong Kong

    agree with u completely. not only suppliers fault. the demand exists for cheap stuff out of china so importers are not willing to pay even extra usd 0.05/pc I know about it because my husband also is a exporter we see all the time customers always ask for cheaper price than last time. With labour costs and value of rmb it is impossible to do so. Importers/customers know about it but I guess either they want to make more money or their end users are not willing to pay more money.

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    mrs momo is offline Registered User
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    May 2005

    I bought a toy in HK from ToysRus which has been recalled in the US. I rang both Toysrus and Mattel and they told me it has not been recalled in HK.

    Does that mean our standards are different here or should I belive it is a different batch. They told me it is a different batch but I really have doubts. I have now put the toy away but still not sure if I should actually throw it out instead.

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    intrigue is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2004
    Hong Kong

    its quality control that's the problem. Companies like Mattel should have their own staff constantly visiting factories, picking up product randomly and having them tested - ALL THE TIME - how that doesn't happen is beyond me.

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