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When to start excercising after c-section

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    When to start excercising after c-section

    Hi all! I had a c-section about 5 weeks ago and would like to start my regular exercise regime again which includes yoga, swimming and jogging. I have yet to consult my obs about when I am able to start and would like to know about what experiences you have.

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    Impressed that you can find the time!

    There's no rule on this. My docs told me to do as much as I felt able as soon as I could.
    Just don't push yourself, and if you feel pain, stop immediately.
    I guess it will take a little while to build up your fitness again.

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    I had one 7 weeks ago and started exercising last week. I saw my Obs at 3 weeks and he said i could do whatever i wanted (even back then) and just to stop if i felt pain. He laughed when i asked if the stitches would rupture. So i guess 5 weeks is more than fine if you feel up to it.

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