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Gift for second time mother

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    Gift for second time mother

    Hi, I have been thinking of a gift to be given to a good friend. She is a second time mother of another daughter. She says she has everything from her first time. In fact she did not buy anything much this time, just diapers and such things. My problem is I would like to give her something really nice for the baby. But since she already has everything I just do not know what to gift her. Can anyone suggest something different or unique. I am myself expecting in the next month. But this being my first, I am absolutely clueless what to give her.

    Please pour in your suggestions. Truely appreciate it.


    :cheerlead Almost time!!!!!!

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    Rather than giving a gift for the baby, what about a gift to make mothering easier? I like to give a food hamper with lots of easy, nutritious snacks. (Healthgate will let you go around picking what you want to put in a hamper and deliver it too.)

    The best gift I was given after the birth of my fourth child was a family meal. A friend came to visit, and see the new baby, she brought with her a full meal for all six of us, all we had to do was reheat and serve it.

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    How old is your friend's first daughter? If there's a big age gap then perhaps she might not have 'newer' things like Baby Einstein DVD's which are quite soothing once new baby gets a bit older.. Or a bumbo chair which can be nice around 4 months old..
    How about just something for your friend as other suggested - like a voucher for a spa - OR a weekend away to Disneyland so that she can take her other daughter to spend time with her after the baby has settled down a bit.. Anyway just some random thoughts hope helpful!!

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    maybe some consumables like extra diapers and wipes. and if you can find it, maybe a big sis/lil sis shirts.

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    My gift for new mums is to plant some trees to celebrate the arrival of their wee one. The above website covers a number of woods in the UK and you can pick one near where your friend is from (if she is British) or wherever you feel is appropriate if they are not.

    You get a certificate which says whatever you want it to say (so you can personalise it for each child) as well as a card and a map showing where the wood is. Woodland Trust don't put a plaque on the trees but you can go and visit the wood where they are planted any time you are in the area.

    When I had my first child, I was given so many things that I didn't have to buy anything for her. My second is due any day and there are many things we were given before that were never worn so may get used now.

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    SoLong have you moved to the US? How are you doing? Is your friend in HK or the the US? I love Oprah's presents to moms. She pays for babysitters and a nanny service. How about postnatal spa treatment?

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    If she is a second time mum, maybe it nice to give the mum a present for her instead of the baby? As a female, spa vouchers, hair salon vouchers or even a course of manicures/pedicures would be greatly appreciated!

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