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Flat Footed

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    Flat Footed

    Dear All Mums,

    Emma is 18 months now. Active and loves to walk rather than stay in the stroller.

    Few days ago, had a talk with my Sister in-law, her girl is 6 now and she told me her girl is flat footed. She herself is flat footed too, and told me it's in the family.

    Anyone can give me a website or anyone know what cause it or any way to help me? Thanks.

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    DR Kong stores can perform "foot assessment".

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    Flat foot is such a common thing it is hardly worth worrying abt! My husband has flat foot and I dare say my 2 year old has too (since she looks so much like him). And yes, it is genetic, cos my husband's brother's boy also has flat foot. But husband is not disadvantaged in any way. He runs faster than me, and is excellent in sports. Nearly made it to the national tennis team in our country.

    Your Emma will be fine. You can bring her to a podiatrist when she is a little older to get special shoes fitted for her - they have cushions at the side to create an arch. This would also encourage her feet to develop an arch. I know they do this when the child is abt 3-4 yrs old in Australia, but not sure about HK.

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