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Donating baby items

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    Donating baby items


    Can anyone recommend places that accept donations of various baby items like toys, clothes, baby seats etc?

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    Bel air, Cyberport.

    I'm not sure where you live but we have a charity bin in our complex here at bel air and I have seen one in Aberdeen also. Anyway, my helper won't let me use the bins as she likes to collect the items to send back through her church to the poor in the Phillippines which I am more than happy to do. If you have a helper, maybe she will know.

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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    In DB we have Salvation Army bins that taker 2nd hand clothe, baby stuff etc.

    You could contact them.

    You could also contact some of the orphanages in HK, they might take it, or Mother's Choice.

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    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre Social Enterprise will take it.
    Sally Lam 2755 5491/[email protected]

    They have an initiative called Mama Infantory for reselling goods with the profits donated to low-income families.

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