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Babies will only be 17 mos apart! HELP!

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    Mine are father apart than yours. 25 months. I have no helper and no family nearby. I did take the older one to a sitter 2 days/week for the first 2 months, so I could have some time with the baby alone. My biggest problem was the guilt that I couldn't spend as much one on one time with the baby, and the guillt that I couldn't spend as much one on one time with the 2 year old. It is only recently (they are 1.5 and 3.5 now) that Im over that.Keep in mind all the benefits that having a silbing brings a child. You have lots of amily nearby, so I think you will be quite fine. Practical advise that I have:

    I 100% childproofed the main area of the house so there was not one thing I had to worry about when feeding the baby, or if I had to leave the room to attend to the baby. Feeding the baby is the biggest challenge because, the older one will play quite fine alone, until you feed the baby, then wants attention. I could leave him alone in the amin living area, or his bedroom with peace of mind.

    I made all big changes well before baby came, out of the crib and into a different bedroom when I was 4 months pregnant. He already slept through the night, although once baby came he did start waking up agian for awhile.

    As far as tandem nursing goes, My son had weaned when I was 4 months pregnant. When baby came he was very jeolous of me BF and would try to rip the baby off of me. I didn't want to tandem nurse because I thought it would be too time consuming feeding both of them. I was told to just let him try and he will probably only want to once. I was quite sure he would resume nursing a lot so I didnt'. I think this was a mistake, and wish I had let him nurse again. I think it would have helped the jeolousy thing a lot. The second baby nursed very quickly and less frequently than the first, so I didn't nurse nearly as much anyways. Nursing 2 would have been fine.

    Let your house be a mess.

    Over all the second is easier than the first because you know those early weeks and months don't last forever, and your life will eventually get more organized. Nowat 1.5 and 3.5 it is much easier.

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    Aussiegal, thanks for sharing. I've tried to imagine what it would be like with 2 kids so close together in age, my first is 14 mths old now and I am expecting my second in Feb2008, so that makes them 19 mths apart. My husband agreed to hire a full time hsekeeper but he did mention that there are many people out there who have managed without one. Even now, my toddler is slowly getting adjusted to playing a bit more on her own compared to a month ago (I was giving her a lot of attention and as she wasn't walking then, I had to carry her quite a bit until my obgyn warned me to stop and to go on bedrest for a week). I remember someone said "no 2 kids are the same".
    Miaka, u're lucky to have a supportive husband (this is something I cherish about mine) and also families living so close by. U can always count on them and on ur good friends !!!
    I'm planning on the 2 kids sleeping in different bedrooms as my toddler is sleeping through the night (started when she was about 4-5 mths old) and I don't want the crying baby to wake her up.
    I've noticed that the toddler needs to get out of the hse everyday even for just 10 minutes ........

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