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Watch out for bad confinement lady

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    Watch out for bad confinement lady

    I had a very bad experience with a confinement lady 6 weeks' ago. She calls herself Ying tse with tel no. 904xxx02. She skulked around the house all day and did not know how to prepare any of the confinement dishes. I was made to drink the same pot of soup over 2 days and ate the same dishes, i.e. steam fish, vegetables and spareribs every day. When asked if I could have a variety, she snapped at me and asked what I am expecting to eat, a banquet? Furthermore, she had no idea how to sterilise baby's bottles and said that it's the job of the maid. She was also incompetent with the baby. Needless to say, I fired her after 6 days with tantrums thrown from her end.
    For those looking for a confinement lady, please beware.

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    Also beware of a confinement lady called Ho Yee, whose tel no. starts with 6099-xxxx. I hired her for 2 months but she left early at 5 weeks by giving me immediate notice, 3 weeks before her scheduled end date. I suspect that she left so suddenly is because she found a new job which she could start when she left me and work till her next scheduled job which starts 3 weeks from her scheduled end date with me, that way, she would not have the 3 week gap she would be having if she stayed till the end with me. Also, my daughter is not easy to look after, crying all the time and waking every hour at night. Maybe she just found it too difficult. Anyhow, I find her very unprofessional and unethical to be doing this, just ditching the baby and my household at a moment's notice. It was very unsettling for me and my hubby to say the least. Also, whilst she was here, she was constantly on her mobile and acting as an agent for other confinement nannies. Also, she is not cheap, nearly $20k a month so I really expected higher standards!!!

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