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hepatitis A vaccination

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    hepatitis A vaccination

    I was just wondering what the standard is with hep A vaccination.Do most people here vaccinate their children? I wasn't sure how necessary it was.

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    Personally I think it is a good idea. We don't live in Hong knog, but travel there frequently, and my husband loves to eat anything, the more exotic the better. He really loves street food too, where as I Don't tend to eat things like that. The children seem to be followinf his love of food, so for peace of mind I like them being protected. We also travel to some other areas of tthe world where Hep A is a problem.

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    Hep A vaccination is not usually in the package and so is optional in Hong Kong. But I think its very important to have it, if I remember correctly, we had a choice of getting just an A (for those who had B already) or just a B, or Hep A & B combo (one single shot) done at Dr Vio & Partners. Above certain age, however, you may need a booster shot (two or three shots).

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    Sophwillsmum, I asked our pediatrician yesterday about whether to add the Hep A shot, as we've gone through the public system for the rest.

    His recommendation was to have it if, your children or you eat alot of raw foods, or if you have pets.
    Aside from this, he said the risks for children are extremely low.

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