Saw this thread on and am curious to know what your schedules look like here in HK. Don't forget to include how many months your baby is! - Snoopymom

What do your days with your baby look like? Do you have a regular schedule going, or is every day different? We're looking for your typical sun-up to sun-up schedule -- a full 24 hours.

What time does your little one wake up in the morning? How many times a day does she eat, what does she eat, and how much at each feeding? (Please include nursing, bottles, and solid foods if you've started them.)

When does your baby nap, and for how long? What kinds of activities do you do in between naps? If your baby's in daycare, what's his day like there?

When do you start the bedtime routine, and what does it include? What time does your baby actually fall asleep? How many times a night does he wake up? And when he does, do you feed him? We, and your fellow mommies, would love as close an hour-by-hour example as you'd like to share!