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Giving your newborn water?

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    Breastmilk is very easily digested, a baby recieving breastmilk will often want to feed every 2 hours.
    If she seems hungry, feed her some more. My first baby fed every 1.5 to 2 hours around the clock the first 6 weeks straight, and gained a ton of weight. My second (a bigger baby from the start) fed every 3 hours, occasionally every 2 hours.
    BM is 90 % water and 10% solids, so water is not necessary. If you do give water make sure it is not replacing milk. The reason water is not recommended is because 1. it is not necessary, and 2 to prevent people from giving water, which has no calories when they should have given milk. In your case with your concern baby is hungry I would definatly avoid the water and give more milk. 3 weeks is also the time when babies have a growth spurt, so that may be why your baby is hungrier.

    The baby acne is normal, caused by hormones and has nothing to do with eating. It will go away eventually. One of mine had it, starting around 3 weeks and it lasted, I think about 3 weeks.

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    Unless your in laws have a medical degree why would you take their word over your paeditrician?

    Like Sarah said, babies don't need water and you'll only end up filling him up without giving the needed calories.

    baby acne is common and will clear by itself. My newborn had it for a week or two and we did nothing. it's gone now.

    Why are you insisting on only feeding your newborn every 3-4 hours if they are clearly hungry more often that that? My 9 week old is still getting fed every 2-3 hours during the day.

    If it's your first baby i can understand your anxiety but try and follow your own instincts and listen to your baby. You are the best person to judge what the baby needs. And enjoy it!

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    Thanks a million, ladies. Your comments are reassuring.

    I've proved that feeding baby water does not work.
    Last night, he was fed 4.5 oz expressed breast milk, became hungry and fussy 2 hr later. I experimented with ~1.5 oz of water. He became even more fussy soon afterwards. Then I finally resorted to giving him another 3 oz of expressed breast milk. The result was, he had way too much volume in his stomach within a short period of time. His belly became protruding, and he was crying in discomfort in the subsequent 2 hours.

    It is very true that if your baby cry in hunger, he needs more milk, not water, not anything else.

    I'm anxiously waiting for his acne to go away before his full moon dinner next week. Can't imagine what the relatives will say about his spotty face!

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    Giving water only fills up your little baby's tummy so he hasn't got as much room for his food - your nutritious milk. Remember that breast milk will always satisfy your baby's thirst, as well as hunger, even in hot weather. Best thing for baby is breastmilk on demand and as he grows it will get easier.

    We've all been there with parents and in-laws but be confident in yourself. I always feel assured by a very good and true saying of "What baby wants is what baby needs".

    All babies get baby acne, it doesn't bother them at all and usually clears up around 3 months of age. If it gets very severe your Doc can give you a cream to calm it.

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