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Low rise in Stanley or Parkview

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    Low rise in Stanley or Parkview

    Been looking at properties and have two to choose from

    4 bed apartment in Parkview or 3 bed lowrise townhouse with decent terrace in Stanley.

    We have two children aged 3 and 18 months.

    Any opinions?

    Main concern about Parkview is its size and the dampness, where as the Stanley property only has a pool and is smaller......Help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Personally i would go the Terrace in Stanley. One of the biggest reasons for me was actually your comment about dampness. I hate it and think that it's quite bad for kids health. Our place is pretty well insulated but one of our boys was constantly getting sick and his room always felt the dampest in the house. We've just worked out that it comes in through the bathroom next to his room so we shut the door and leave both the a/c and dehumidifier on in his room all night. He hasn't been sick in awhile now.

    Facilities are important but Stanley itself is pretty good for kids with the indoor playroom etc.

    i'd love a terrace. A little place to hang out without having to get dressed to go outside!

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    Are there any other kids in the low rise? The nice thing about living in a complex like Parkview, is that the kids will make loads of friends. We also live in a complex and our son has a very active social life.

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