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does your diet affect your breastfed baby?

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    mscheerful is offline Registered User
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    my baby was allergy to union. he cried a lot too because of colic so we decided to give him pacifier right after 6 weeks old. He was much settled and eventually came out of it at around 10 weeks.

    Try one more day and tell yourself again tomorrow, i will try one more day to breastfeed and soon, it will go real smooth and you don't want to give up b/f. Seriously, i wanted to give up on day one but still do after 6 months! Chill out and cheer up :)

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    I have just listened to a tape from the LLLI Physician's Seminar 2006 entitled The Breastfeeding Dyad: The First Year and Beyond by Lori Ricke, MD, FABM.

    When they were talking about allergies another doctor explained the problem that she had been finding a lot. That the food intolerances in the mother and the fast let down work together to cause problems in the baby.

    For the allergen to cause a problem for the baby it has to first cross through the mother’s digestive wall into her blood stream and then into the milk and then through the baby’s digestive wall in to the baby’s blood stream.

    The doctor believed that the over supply and fast let down caused the allergens to pass easily from the mother’s blood to the milk and thus into the baby’s digestive system. She commented that often the mothers with an over supply and forceful let down had protein allergen problems with the baby (usually dairy) even though their own intolerance problem was so slight it didn’t affect the mother. So the problems I mentioned in the above post are likely to occur together.

    Eliminating dairy and working to reduce the forcefulness of the let down can help. The method that many mothers find helpful in reducing the forcefulness of the let-down is to feed on one side for a set number of hours. The other suggestion is feeding the baby in an upright position, such as the straddle position.

    Best wishes,

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    Sarah, that sounds just like us. I've gotten rid off dairy again and he's back to feeding pretty well. I am feeding more or less exclusively on one side for a few hours but find that i have to top up a little bit with the right breast if it's a feed before sleep situation as he doesn't get enough from the left one.

    thanks for your advice.

    Mscheerful- i completely agree with your advice to tell myself 'one more day' and to do it again the next day. It's exactly how i got this far after some problems at the beginning. It's amazing the pressure it takes off if you allow yourself the thought of quitting but tell yourself you'll give it another day before making a decision. It's probably the best advice you could give a new to breastfeeding mother- aside from latching techniques of course.

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