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Baby Teething

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    Baby Teething


    Our baby is 9 months+ and still no teeth. He has the symptons for quiet a whilebut still no pearly whites. I know it is hereditary and also we should not freak out as they come anytime from 3 months to 15 months. But just wanted to find out any other mothers still waiting to see their babies first tooth.

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    don't worry. some teeth come in at 4mths, some at 12. my daughter started drooling & chewing on her fist since she was 3 mths & everyone said she'll be teething soon. her first tooth (the front ones) finally came when she was 9 mths old, but all 4 front teeth came out together.

    they all eventualy have teeth, and as long as he is within the normal range there's no need to fret cos his come in last amongst people you know.

    i know it's freaky when you're a first time mom, and it's normal. =)

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    My first child had her first tooth at 10 and a half months. Sorry I can't remember with the others! My mother told me that my sister had learnt to talk before she got teeth because she had to learn a second time when the teeth came - I've no idea of her age but babies don't talk that early.

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